Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Amazing views from the 11th floor at Citadela.

Citadela on a beautiful clear day in Prague!

Congratulations to Dasa Valdmanova not only on her wedding but also for her recent 11th floor sale at Citadela!

This 1 bedroom apartment with spacious living room and corner kitchen was well planned in it's 65m2, with views of the Kunraticky Forest. A beautiful space for the newly married clients to start their new life together!

For more information on Citadela contact dkankova@orcogroup.com or go to http://www.orco.cz/

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  1. For animal lovers there is a vet right around the corner from the project as well. All animal lovers will be glad to hear this news:
    Bullfighting banned in Spain. Personally I liked seeing the fights! Do you think they should be banned or not? Half of you that say yes are still wearing your leather shoes, Prada bags, aren't you!