Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Slunecny Vrsek: 3 Contracts in 1 Week!

Slunecny Vrsek has always been a great project for families, young couples, and singles alike.  It seems that the project is picking up in momentum at the end of Summer 2010.  Obviously people are interested in upgrading their lifestyles during this period of time.  Slunecny Vrsek offers rollerblading and biking trails, a rock climbing wall, a half court for Tennis practice and many more outdoor activities such as mini-golf for its residents.

The apartments are ideal for people who are working in Prague, but are also looking to find a community in which to live and raise their families in a less urban environment!

Last week the sales team closed on 3 apartments there with a total income of 9.9 million CZK!  We congratulate the new owner's as well as the sales team.

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